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Common Goals


Common Goals


Introduction – This interactive exercise is focused on identifying and discussing goals as a group and then sharing goals that we have in common with others. Then, after the opening exercise, each group member will have the opportunity to email their future self with some encouraging goal statements based on this exercise


Common Goals Opening Exercise


Directions – Set up a group order and allow one person in group to go at a time. When it is your turn, share a goal statement with the rest of the group. Some life goal areas are provided below to help group members come up with ideas. Once the goal statement has been shared with the group, others in the group should make comments based on the following choices:


A.  Common Goal – This is a goal you also share and want for yourself

B.  Maybe one day – This goal is not one you share now, but it sounds like something you may consider

C.  Interesting but not for me – This goal sounds interesting, but it isn’t something you have on your radar


Keep in mind it is important to be encouraging and motivating to one another. So negative statements about other people’s goals such as “that’s stupid” or “that’s impossible” or “that’s crazy” or any other negative remark is to be avoided in this group.


Life Goal Areas – Any personal goal statement is appropriate for this exercise, but these are some life goal areas just to help with ideas


o   Family

o   Relationship/Social

o   Employment

o   Educational

o   Career

o   Financial

o   Legal

o   Physical

o   Health/Medical

o   Fitness/Exercise

o   Emotional/Mental Health

o   Personal (Hobby or other personal interest)

o   Recreational/Experiential

o   Spiritual


Remember, good goal statements are SMART:


Closing Exercise – Letter to My Future Self


Directions – Everyone in the group should choose 2 or 3 goals statements from the previous exercise that stand out as meaningful. Use a smartphone with email (or if this is done at a facility, then it would be helpful to have a computer or tablet available for group members who do not have smart phones.) – 

Go this website:



Group members should take a few minutes to draft an inspirational letter based on their goals and enter it onto the “letter to my future self” website – However before hitting SEND, group members should read their inspirational letter to the rest of the group. After sharing it with the group, then his send to have the letter emailed to your future self at a time interval agreed upon by the group (such as 1 year into the future)


Your inspirational letter to your future self will appear in your email inbox at the time you selected today

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