Tuesday, June 6, 2023

A Step Outside the Comfort Zone


VIDEO INTRO: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/lkFo_HG9QZk 

A Step Outside the Comfort Zone

This “open sharing” activity has some challenging topics to discuss that can take a person a little out of their comfort zone. Choose a topic from the list that you feel able to share in the group. These topics are involve sharing some potentially uncomfortable stories however the idea behind the exercise is that going a little outside of the comfort zone can bring the group closer which can promote an environment of healing. This will be especially helpful if after a person shares, the rest of the group is able to provide a listening ear and some empathetic and supportive comments while being careful not to be judgmental.


Choose one selection below that you are comfortable enough sharing about and share your answer:

Talk about something that makes you very angry in as calm, understanding, and loving way as possible.

Share something that people compliment you on that you feel uncomfortable repeating out loud.

Tell the group something from your past that you should apologize for but never did.

Let the group know about a prediction that you were very sure about but ended up being inaccurate.

Share a double standard that you have.

Tell the group about something in the world that you realize is true, but you try to just ignore it.

Tell the group about a fear you faced or one that you did not.

Fill in the blanks – I used to insist that ______was right, but now I realize that I was completely wrong.

Share something that people should be careful trusting you with.

Complete: If I was to get called out for _______the evidence against me would be overwhelming.

Reveal a healthy habit that you know you should do regularly, but you often don’t.

Share about a time when you should have spoken up but did not.

Explain a situation when you bailed when you should have stayed.

Share about a situation where you stayed too long and regretted it.

Reveal a past (or current) responsibility you were entrusted with, but you just did the bare minimum.

Let everyone know about a bad business or financial decision you got caught up in

Share a situation when you should have been more trusting but weren’t

Share a situation when you trusted and got burned for it later.

Share something you said or did in the past that makes you cringe when you think about it today.

Let the group know about something someone called you out on, and they were right.

Share a story about a lie or deception that ended up costing you.

Share about a time when you knew better but went ahead with something you shouldn’t have.

Reveal a story about a time where you stayed on the sidelines when you should have gotten involved.

Complete the sentence: I gave it away when I should have kept it when….

Share about a time when you tried to beat or cheat another person but later wished you didn’t.


First, discuss: How can we learn and grow from our regrets?

How can this group help with that process?

Next, as a group discuss the following questions based on this diagram:

*This diagram has been copied from the internet. The original source could not be found to be properly credited

Fear Zone:


Consider what it says in the fear zone in the diagram. Share if any of these apply to you and explain.


What can this group do to help someone move past obstacles and properly address what is in their fear zone?


Learning Zone:


What can help make this group a positive place to explore the objectives listed in the learning zone in the diagram above?


Growth Zone:


Where do you see yourself when you are consistently achieving the objectives in the growth zone?


How can this group help you get there?


Finally, what can YOU do personally to contribute to this group being a place where both yourself and others here feel comfortable sharing who they really are and what is really going on even when it is uncomfortable?