Thursday, December 30, 2021

The Grind Part 5 - Recognize, Revive, and Survive


Recognize, Revive, and Survive

“Old habits die hard” as the saying goes. Sometimes when we are working through the grind, old stuff from the past can come up and creep back in to our minds. Self-esteem and self-confidence problems, guilt and shame, resentments and a host of other negative emotions and mood states can seemingly pop up out of nowhere, sometimes when we least expect it. Therefore, it essential that we have a plan in place to survive these moments, intervals, and episodes when they rear their ugly presence and disrupt our mental peace and stability. Often the simple passing of time using our coping tools can be enough to sustain us, but on occasion we need to employ our emotional survival plan to push on through and keep on grinding forward with positive motivation and momentum toward ongoing inspiration and progress.


Who can I turn to help me get back on a good track when I am starting to feel like negative thoughts, moods and feelings may be starting to get the best of me or disturb my peace of mind?


What self-soothing and self-coping strategies work for me when mentally or emotionally things look like they may start to take a turn for the worse?


What is my safety and survival plan if things get out of control (For example, when thoughts and feelings become potentially unsafe or unmanageable. Specifically: What is the action plan?)

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