Sunday, October 25, 2020

Three G's to Keep You Going


Three G’s to Keep You Going - When it comes to motivation, getting started is one thing, but keeping things moving in a positive direction on a long-term basis can be where the real challenges are. For example, think about how many times you may have said “That’s it, the diet starts today” or “Today is the day I finally stop smoking for good”. Making that initial declaration to start changing can be quite popular during periods of high emotion but once that initial enthusiasm dies down, what are some things to keep in mind in order to sustain positive change and not give up?


Thinking about the THREE G’s can help you stay motivated to achieve your goals:


Gratitude – Gratitude is an attitude or way of thinking. It is so important to remember to be grateful for each little positive step you make in the right direction. Gratitude is all about reframing things in a positive light. For example, instead of saying “Oh NO! I went half a day and then I messed up!”, Gratitude would have you look at the same situation and say “YES! – I made it half a day before I messed up, I am going to try harder tomorrow”

Guidance – The old cliché “You can’t do it alone”- is true! – People who sustain motivation and progress are not afraid to ask for help, especially when they are struggling. Make a commitment to reach out for help in order to stay on the right course.  Let others whom you trust, know your goals so there are people ready to be there to support you. Set up an arrangement to consult with these supportive people regularly.


Grit – Grit, by definition, includes “Courage, resolve, strength of character, perseverance” Simply put, those who display grit are individuals who do not give up. A well-known Japanese proverb says, “Fall down 7 times, get up 8” In order to develop grit, make a commitment to sticking with your goals through all of the ups and downs along the way. Don’t give up, no matter what!

Remember the Three G's for your goals!

Process Questions


What are you grateful for today? (This question never gets old)

What is something you should think about more often that you sometimes may forget to feel grateful about?

What does it feel like for you when you are feeling grateful? How can you increase that experience in your life?



Where do you turn for guidance on a regular basis for day to day advice and direction?

Where do you turn for guidance during especially challenging times?

What is your plan to keep in contact with others who can provide good guidance for you?



What are some ways that you currently show grit in your life every day?

How can you continue to show grit in your life and even increase it especially when things get tough?

What does it feel like after you show grit and you are able to grind through a challenging time without giving in or giving up?


“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished

 by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all"  - Dale Carnegie


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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Why Didn't I Listen


Why Didn’t I Listen…?


When they told me that touching the hot things on the stove would burn my hand

When they told me that dating the wrong person was a bad idea

When they told me to pay attention and do my work in school

When they told me to get an honest job, stay employed and find a career

When they told me what I was doing could get me into trouble with the law

When they told me there was more to life than always just trying to have fun

When they told me that what I started using was addictive

When they told me that I could achieve my goals if I just put the time into it

When they told me to focus and take things seriously and I would make it

When they told me to stop hanging around with the wrong people

When they told me that I should be careful who I decided to trust

When they told me that I should get help and that I did not have to live that way

When they told me I don’t have to do it alone

When they told me ______________ (You fill in the blank)

What is one thing either from this list or from your own memory that you wished you listened to in the past?


What would you go back and tell your younger self about this if you could?


Keep it positive – The past is the past and we all make mistakes, but we can learn from them and grow! – We know better now and can do better! -What will you do today to live a better life?

Freedom from our past mistakes and poor choices begins

the moment we start to adapt and grow so as to stop repeating them


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Monday, October 5, 2020

The Riddle


Some people want to share it, but often not enough people own it


Some people give it away any chance they get it


Some people take too much of it for themselves


Some people just avoid it and look the other way


Some people accept what’s theirs and leave the rest…

What is it?

Did you guess correctly?

If so you figured out that the answer is:


Breaking it Down:

Responsibility: n.: the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for

Some people want to share it, but not enough people own it


When is it good to share responsibility?


When is it not appropriate to share responsibility? (For example, roping in others who may be innocent just to make oneself look less guilty when something goes wrong)


What does “owning” responsibility mean?


Make personal application: What are some responsibilities you “own” (yours and yours alone)?



Some people give it away any chance they get it


What do you think is meant by the idea of “giving away” responsibility?


Has anyone ever done that to you?


Get honest – How have you done that to others?


What prevents you now from giving away responsibility that you own?



Some people take too much for themselves


Do you ever do this? (If yes, how?)


What often happens when you take on too much responsibility for too long?


Apply: What skills are needed to prevent this from happening? (For example, be assertive, say “no”)


Some people just avoid it and look the other way


Get honest: Everyone has done this at one time or another in their life, what about you?


What kind of lifestyle or attitude could trigger someone to be the type of person avoids responsibility?


Apply: How can you avoid living that kind of life or taking on this kind of attitude?



Some people accept what’s theirs and leave the rest…


What are some positive things that you accept responsibility for today?


What is your plan to take care of these responsibilities?


What are you letting go of? (Negative things, perhaps from your past, that you no longer hold on to responsibility for?)

Additional Optional Pandemic Questions for Discussion:

How has the pandemic changed or impacted your responsibilities and your ability to care for them?

How have you been able to adapt to the new pandemic environment when caring for your responsibilities?


Responsibility is a key element of individual progress.

There can be no lasting, positive personal change without responsibility.

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