Saturday, May 20, 2017

Feeling Under the Weather

What a puzzling thing feelings are. The basic idea of feelings can be so difficult to define and so uniquely hard to explain. Somehow our thoughts and past experiences curiously mix together to remarkably formulate into these feelings we feel but often cannot even understand. At times we can’t get enough of some kinds of feelings and at other times we want to run and hide rather than feel our emotions. Feelings are that strange and powerful. Feelings can motivate a person toward great achievements yet in other cases feelings can be the driving factor behind great pain.

Therefore, it is clearly worthwhile to develop our ability to manage our feelings, rather than allowing our feelings to manage us.  Consider the following:

ExerciseTrue or false: Which of the following are true or not true for you today?

I use my feelings as an excuse for doing things that I know I shouldn’t do

In many situations, I can’t even define my feelings

Anger is the easiest feeling for me to relate too and talk about

Sometimes I feel emotionally numb

At times I let my feelings get the best of me

I often find ways to run away from or block out emotions

Sometimes I accuse others for “making me feel” a certain way

I am better at ignoring or hiding my feelings than talking about them

I often don’t know why I feel the way I do

I am uncomfortable talking about my feelings even with people close to me

If you are reviewing these questions with someone else or with a group, review and discuss your answers.  Feelings can be a lot like the weather. Most of the time we can look outside and up at the sky and get an idea of what kind of day its going to be feelings-wise. Still, every once in a while a storm can come out of norwhere so it is imprortant to be prepared. No one has their feelings 100% in check so it is beneficial for all of us from time to time to assess where we are in the lifelong process of dealing with feelings

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"Some people feel the rain; others just get wet" - Bob Marley