Sunday, December 19, 2021

Yankee Swap Icebreaker


Intro – This is a group cohesion building activity focused on giving imaginary but meaningful gifts in a group setting. This activity follows a “Yankee Swap model with the following directions. Many people know how to do a Yankee Swap already so if there is anyone in the group who knows the rules, it would be good to have that person help explain the rules. Here are the rules for a Yankee Swap explained:

Set an order for group members to take turns by selecting someone to go first with others following in order from there. The first person should pick one of the gifts from the list and read it to everyone. After the first person reads their gift, the next person has the option to either a) select a new gift from the list or b) take the already selected gift from the first player. If he or she decides to steal the gift from the first person, that person then gets to unwrap a new gift.

This continues with each consecutive player. For example, the third person then has the choice to either a) also select a new gift or b) steal from any of the already selected gifts. Keep in mind that the person whose gift is taken can only select a new gift—he or she cannot swap at that point. This goes on until each person has gotten a chance to pick a gift.

Gift List   - Remember, do not read the gifts out loud until they are selected. A person can select a gift by saying the gift number then after selecting the gift, read the description

Gift 1

Acceptance to and paid full scholarship to any college or other educational program in the world

Gift 2

Clean slate – Free lifetime full expungement of legal record, license restored, all fines paid

Gift 3

An all-expenses paid one-week family vacation anywhere in the world, yearly for life

Gift 4

Get to be lifelong friends with a celebrity (You pick who)

Gift 5

Lease a new car every 3 years for life, fully paid

Gift 6

Lifetime personal supply of one type of food

Gift 7

The person with this gift finds the love of their life

Gift 8

Get to select topic and star in a feature film with multimillion dollar budget

Gift 9

Get to be CEO of large corporation

Gift 10

Free clothes for life, provided you wear them yourself and don’t sell or give them away

Gift 11

Unlimited startup money for one year to start your own successful business

Gift 12

Your children all guaranteed to grow up with successful careers to the best of their ability

Gift 13

You get one mistake erased from your past

Gift 14

Free entry and front row seats for 2 to any professional sporting event for life (non-resalable)

Gift 15

Get a one-hour call to make suggestions to the president once per month for the rest of your life

Gift 16

Part time personal assistant 5 hours/day for life

Gift 17

Heal one person (besides self) of a chronic illness or condition

Gift 18

Remove one physical defect or injury



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