Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Body Talk


Body Talk

This is a simple group activity focused in discussing some body-related substance use and mental health topics. As a discuss the following:


Adjective Descriptions - Select one of your own body parts that best fits each of these adjectives:


·        Strong


·        Limited


·        Coordinated


·        Awkward


·        Attractive


·        Embarrassing


·        Inherited (Looks like someone in your family)


·        Unusual


·        Ordinary


·        Special


·        Favorite


·        Least Favorite


  •    If you want to, (and have time) make up some more adjectives of your own….


The Body and Behavior


Discuss the following from your own perspective and experience:


1.   When your mental health is not doing well, how does your body suffer? (“For example, when I am depressed and stressed, I get headaches” or “My stomach acts up when my anxiety is bad”)


2.   Looking at the situation in reverse – How can taking care of your physical health, improve your mental health?


3.   If you misuse alcohol or other drugs, how does it take a toll on your body?


4.   If you are working on managing substance use issues, how can taking care of your body help and what specifically can you do to improve your physical health?


5.   What body parts are you doing a good job caring for nowadays?


6.   What body parts might you be neglecting or overlooking?


7.   If your body could talk, what would it be telling you?

Health Habits

Discuss your heath habits in each area:


·        Sleep (For example “poor sleep habits, going to be too late, sleeping too much, or positive habits getting good rest every night)


·        Diet


·        Exercise


·        Relaxation


·        Taking Medication (if applicable)


·        ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living for self-care such as bathing, grooming, personal hygiene)


·        Seeing Primary Doctor for Check Ups


·        Going to the Dentist


·        Seeing Specialist (if needed)


·        Follow through with recommended treatment for chronic illness


·        Eliminating “bad” habits – (Smoking, binge eating, junk food, etc)



If time, review the WHO info sheet:



Planning Ahead –


Ø What are some things you can start doing to improve your physical health?


o   Short term (schedule doc appointment)


o   Over the long term (Start exercising, take my meds, etc.)


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