Thursday, August 26, 2021

“The Grind” Part 1 - Recognizing the Grind


Recognizing the Grind and the Paradox of Self-Reliance and Support

Life’s a grind and if you haven’t noticed that then you don’t have a pulse or else you are living in a dream world. The day you first truly recognize and accept that you are going to have to grind things out in life is probably the first day you really have become an adult, regardless of whatever your true age may be at that time. As you get out there in life and practice grinding it out you will learn many things. Two things that are true about the grind are:

1.  Ultimately it is you who are responsible for making sure things get done in your life

2.  In spite of #1 above, you cannot do this alone.

There is an interesting paradox here in that in the end, we all stand alone on at the podium of judgement when our life is evaluated as we are all ourselves responsible for how we choose to cope with the many things that come our way in life. Many of these things that come our way will be unexpected, unjust, and at times even cruel and painfully unfair. However, in the end, we all must constantly and consistently make our own choices and then act to follow a decision about how we are going handle all of these things that we encounter along life’s path. Still, even though in the end we all carry our own load of responsibility, the journey of life is not to be traveled alone. There will undoubtedly be times when we lean on others, let others guide and help us and in some instances allow others to help pull us through the grind of life. It’s just too hard to always be self-reliant, even though at the end of the day having a foundation of self-reliance is at the core of the journey

With that said three things to think about are:


1. Do I recognize the grind? Have I accepted the fact that this is going to be tough at times, but it is necessary to be prepared to push myself to strive to succeed, no matter which path I choose?


2. Am I ready to accept personal responsibility for the outcome of my life? Remember this does not mean that we are responsible for what happens to us, but we are responsible for our reactions, resolutions and choices, good or bad. Also, we are bound to make some bad choices as everyone does, but are we ready and responsible to get back on the right course once we’ve recognized a mistake or error in judgement?


3. Do I have good people in my life to help me, to love me, to accept me and to support me? If not, am I working on finding these people? Quality over quantity is the rule, as one good person who is a true and trusting support is better than a group of people who are shaky, unrelatable or unreliable

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