Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Find Yourself


Find Yourself

This exercise is focused on building insight and self-awareness by first identifying where you often find yourself nowadays in certain situations. Then to follow, the second part of this activity involves some deeper questions about the process of “finding yourself”


Part 1 - Discuss the following by giving your best answer as to where you most often find yourself in the various situations below. There are two ways that this can be done:


1.   Simple version: Just discuss where you find yourself today


2.   Deeper version for substance use and mental health groups: Identify and compare where you used to find yourself in your PAST (when things were not going as well) as compared to where you find yourself TODAY (hopefully making positive changes in some form of recovery)


Where do you usually find yourself?...

At a social gathering? (Some examples provided below)

·        I’m usually the life of the party, socializing and making jokes

·        I am on the dance floor most of the night

·        I am more reserved usually in a smaller more intimate conversation

·        I tend to be shy and wait for others to come to me

After an argument with someone you care about.


On weekends


After midnight


When shopping


When you want entertainment or just to get your mind off things


When you are feeling down (sad or depressed)


When you feel like you are struggling or overwhelmed with life


When you just need a break in the middle of a busy day


When you want to be alone


When you want to relax


When you have some money to spend


When you’re lonely

When you are energized and excited


When you are struggling with triggers or cravings


When you have free time to do whatever you want to do


When you feel inspired or creative


When you want to celebrate or treat yourself


When you are feeling caring or generous


When you want to do something meaningful or positive


Ø If there is time, come up with some of your own and discuss them as a group



Part 2 – Searching Deeper to Find Yourself

The following questions have don’t have definite right or wrong answers but rather these questions are about identifying and sharing more about who you really are today.


What strengths and other positive qualities do I know that I have and can use to make progress?


What do I stand for today? (What is meaningful?)


What are some positive values that inspire and motivate me to move forward in a positive direction?


Who and what helps me to overcome obstacles and push through the tough times in life?


What am I doing right today? (Including things you have done wrong in the past that you no longer do)


What are some life areas where I can clearly see progress and growth?


What helps me know that I am preparing and readying myself for a brighter future?


What skills, supports and other practices do I have that help me cope and survive each day?


What helps me feel a sense of meaning and purpose in life?


What good do I bring to this world (or if you are unsure, then what are you working on or striving for?)



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