Sunday, May 7, 2023

Strength Building for Positive Change


This is a brief but positive and practical exercise focused on identifying and discussing personal strengths that can be used effectively for positive change especially related to substance use and mental health issues.



Opening Icebreaker – Group Strength Sharing

Directions: Everyone in the group should take a turn. When it is your turn each group member should share a strength, they see in you. Use the list for ideas if needed. Group members should describe their answers.


For example: “I can see that you are very loyal because you have stood by your family during difficult times for so long.”



Identifying Our Strengths Further:


As a group, discuss the following strengths-based questions:


Strength from Experience


Share with the group, at least one life experience you have had that you are now stronger from



How can you use your strength from this experience to make progress toward your current recovery and positive change goals?



Natural abilities


What is one skill or trait that you have always been good at even from a young age? (It can be something that does not seem important like “I’m funny” or “I am good at fishing” or it can be something more day to day like “I am a good problem solver” or “I’m intelligent”)



How can you use this natural ability or skill today to better your life? (For example, even if you said “I’m funny”: How can you use humor to better your life (for example a sense of humor can be a positive coping skill if used correctly)




Looking Forward:


Are you using your strengths to your advantage today?



·       How can you improve?



What strengths can you build on?



What strengths do you need to develop? How can you do that?

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