Saturday, May 20, 2023

My World




Scientists have made a breakthrough in space travel and now every corner of the universe is easily accessible. Because of the vast size of the universe, selected people on earth are being chosen for the opportunity to rule their own planet. If you had this opportunity to set up a new world on a new planet, what are some of the things you would want to include? Consider the following areas below:




What kinds of people would you want to live in your new world? (What are some qualities of people whom you would want to invite to live there?)





What kind of people would you avoid allowing to live in your new world and why?





Is there anything else special about the people you want in your world that you have not mentioned? (Personality type, skills, attitudes, etc.)





Living Conditions


What would you want living conditions to be like for people in your world (For example would people live in cities or the country or on islands in the sea? Would they live in caves, huts, houses, etc.?





What will people do for work?





What can people do for fun and recreation?





What kinds of animals, plants and other wildlife do you want on your planet?





What kinds of terrain do you want on your planet? (Mountains, rivers, deserts, seas, forests, etc.)





Rules and Laws


What are some of the rules and laws of your land?





What are some things that you would not want in your world?





What else would be some of the characteristics of your world that make it special?





What are some things compared to our world that you want to keep?





What are some things compared to our world that you want to change?






How will people feel living in your world? How will you feel there?





How does it feel for now you talking about this world?

OPTIONAL ACTIVITY:  Draw your world. If there is large paper and materials to draw with and if the group is interested, allow people some time to draw their world and share drawings with one another.

Conclusion – Back Here on Earth



In your life today, what could make your own little slice of this world better?






What would you like to do to make the world a better place for others?






Specifically speaking, what are some specific goals, actions, and decisions you can come up with to make your life and your world better for you and your loved ones?












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