Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Remembering When...

Directions: This is a group activity for personal sharing and group cohesion building. The directions are simple: Take turns as a group discussing the following questions from this list. There is no specific order


Start each question with: “When was the last time that you…”

Had an argument with a close friend

Had a good time socially while sober

Made a new friend

Did something to help others

Left the state

Left the country

Went somewhere fun

Finished reading an entire book

Helped someone who needed it

Listened to someone who needed support

Did something to care for yourself

Ate a really, really good meal

Cooked a really good meal

Used your support system effectively

Got in trouble at a job

Got a raise at work

Had insomnia

Had a really restful night’s sleep

Felt “true love” (romantically) for someone

“Crushed” on someone

Felt a real and meaningful connection with someone

Went out on a date

Had a break-up

Cleaned your home really well

Got really muddy or dirty

Had an especially good day

Reached a milestone or achieved a goal

Had a good satisfying exercise session or work out

Got good news from the doctor or medical professional

Achieved a physical or health goal

Chose the healthy option

Avoided stress or anxiety effectively by using a coping skill

Avoided anger by using coping skills

Made a really good decision or avoided a really bad one

Made the ethical or moral choice even if the wrong one was easier 

Prevented yourself from falling into a depression

Felt a strong sense or motivation or inspiration

Realized something about yourself that you had not before

Bought something for one of your hobbies

Hiked, camped, fished or did something “out-doorsy”

Practiced one of your hobbies

Didn’t get up because of depression

Laughed uncontrollably

Cried uncontrollably

Had a nice dream

Had an incredibly bizarre dream

Felt embarrassed or regretful for something you did

Felt really proud of something you did or achieved

Felt a true and deep sense of gratitude

Felt that “everything is going to be okay”

Gave a nice complement

Received a really nice complement

Had a pet or animal make you laugh

Did something nice for a pet or an animal

You thought about moving

You thought about a career change or going for more education or training

Got into a physical altercation

Were able to effectively share or explain your true feelings with someone

Prevented a fight from escalating

Made the best of a bad situation

You had something randomly or accidentally good happen to you

You did a solid favor for someone or helped them through something

You gave someone a random or unexpected gift

“Overdid” it with substances

Went a day without thinking about drugs or alcohol

Had police involvement

Had to apologize and did

Were apologized too

Felt like a villain

Felt like a hero

Did something creative

Felt a sense of “awe”

Moved on from something that you needed to let go of

Took it easy on someone instead of giving them a hard time

Someone took it easy on you when they could have given you a hard time

You made someone feel good (emotionally not physically or sexually)

Lost or had to pay a good amount of money

Came into a good amount of money

Hugged one of your loved ones

Ran into an old friend

Spent quality time with immediate family

Someone checked in on you and it was helpful

Sacrificed your time to help your family

Were there for a family member who needed help

Said something you regretted later

Did something you regretted later

Felt grossed out

Planted something

Won a competition, award, or reward

You said or thought to yourself “never again”

Said to yourself “I am really happy”

Were able to have a positive escape from the world without using substances

Experienced something that you will surely remember for life

Learned something that was life-changing

Had a “moment of clarity” or “awakening”

Looked in the proverbial mirror and felt comfortable with what you saw

Had a mysterious feeling like “someone out there is looking out for me”

Thought deeply about the meaning of life

Thought deeply about where you want your own life to go


This list is long but feel free to make up your own…



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