Monday, June 7, 2021

The Randomizer


The Randomizer

Directions – The Randomizer is an easy and fun group activity that will help get people talking about a creative array of topics. A device with internet is needed such as a phone, laptop or tablet. Click the link marked “Click Here for Spinner Link” at the end of these directions to access the spinner used for this activity. (Or another option is just open “Google” and search “spinner”) Set the wheel size on the spinner to “20”

Once the spinner is all set up, using the Randomizer is easy. Group members should take turns. When it is someone’s turn, the spinner should be spun twice, coming up with two numbers. Match the two numbers from the two spins with the list below to come up with a two-word random phrase such as “Happy Dream”, “Amazing Advice” or “Intense Relationship” – Then the person whose is having their turn, should do their best to tell a story based on this two-word phrase. Group members are encouraged to do their best to share something when it is their turn even if that may seem challenging. Then continue with the next person who has a turn and so on

Keep in mind, some two-word phrases are easier than others. The counselor may have to help elaborate on some word combinations for group members who find this difficult. If someone is truly stuck, they can re-spin for another word combination. Choices #20 on both spin lists are free choice selections and the person who is having their turn can come up with their own word when a 20 is spun

Click Here for Spinner Link

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