Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Cravings Planning

The focus of the following group activity is to get the group thinking about relapse triggers and coping skills for cravings.

The chart below has two lists of titles for potential discussion topics. The list on the left (Negative/Struggles) are topics about how various triggers, cravings and negative situations can cause setbacks and relapse. The list on the right (Positive/Strength Builders) are topics about skills, supports, and inspirational situations that can help someone to succeed and pull through even when faced with a craving or relapse trigger.

So, with this in mind, the group leader should display these lists below so that everyone in the group can see them. As a group, go through the lists in any order and discuss personal stories about relapse prevention using the topics on the lists, selecting topics that apply personally based on experience. There are no right or wrong answers, rather as stated earlier the purpose of this discussion is to get everyone talking about strengths and weakness when it comes to triggers and cravings. Two examples are provided here:

·        “Toxic Relationship” – Whenever my cousin is in town, he calls me to get together and on the phone, he always says he isn’t using but sooner or later it seems like by the end of the night after he comes over, I find myself in some bar drunk late at night with the two of us calling dealers looking for cocaine.


·        “Old Reliable” – “In an interesting way, my bicycle has been “Old Reliable” in my life. So many times, when I was feeling down or craving to get high, I went for a long ride on my bike, and it really took my mind off of things. I need to get back into biking now that the weather is nicer now that I am not using.



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