Monday, December 28, 2020

2020 to 2021: A Transition Like No Other



2020 was a year that all people across the globe will remember for sure. The COVID-19 pandemic changed all of our lives and the hope for a better 2021 can open up many possibilities. Consider the following activities as a group based on this transition

Getting Started

Opening Icebreaker - Directions: Everyone should draw one picture entitled “2020” and then another picture entitled “2021” The counselor/group leader should allow the group time to creatively work on their pictures. Anything goes and creative expression is highly encouraged. When everyone is done, each group member should share their drawings and discuss them side by side in comparison. Discuss feelings, thoughts and hopes that may come up when explaining these drawings.

Allow group members to ask each other questions and give positive feedback (no criticism as this is not an art show but for the purpose of self-expression and identifying feelings)

Follow up discussion: Quarantine-Proofing” your Goals for 2021




What are some of your “Hope Goals” for 2021- (These are goals you want to achieve if the world successfully returns to some semblance of being “normal” in 2021 – For example, places you would go, things you would like to do if there was again more freedom to freely go to places and gatherings one day in 2021)



What are some of your “Fallback Goals” for 2021 – What are things that you can still work on even if restrictions remain for most or all of 2021. These are things you can work on regardless of social or travel restrictions due to COVID-19 (For example, getting an online degree or losing weight)



Next: As a group share where you hope to make progress in each of these areas in 2021:

Treatment and Self-Help Goals – (Such as emotional and mental health goals or substance use related goals)

Employment/Education/Career Goals

Family Goals

Relationship Goals




Physical/Health Related Goals

Legal Related Goals

Financial Goals

Spiritual Goals – (Increasing meaning and purpose in life)

Fun/Entertainment/Recreational/Hobby-Related Goals

Other – (Areas not already covered)


Group close out questions:


How can you stay motivated, positive and hopeful all year round in 2021, (no matter what direction things may go)? 


Who or what will help you along the way?


How can this group help and support you in achieving your goals in 2021, no matter what comes our way?








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