Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Positive Vibes

This exercise is designed to get some positive sharing and discussion going with a group. This activity can work well in person as well as when using telehealth. There is a main version and an alternate challenge version.

Directions -

Everyone in the group should get one of the “positive vibes word topics”. The group leader can let people choose their own or assign them. One way to do this with telehealth is to cut and past the word definitions into messages using the chat function available on most telehealth platforms. In person, you can cut the words out and have people select from a pile at random or else pass them out. Its up to the group facilitator

Next, taking turns one by one, group members should share with the rest of the group about their positive vibes word topic. There is only one rule:

People can share any way that they want too as long as they keep it positive, but for those who may have difficulty with this, here are some suggested guidelines for sharing:

What does your word mean to you personally?

What are some examples of this in your own life?

What do you personally think helps to increase this positive thing in your life?

When each person is done sharing, to increase the positive vibes applaud if you want too. Then before the next person shares, process some of the group’s reactions and feelings about the presentation together as a group. Some suggested process questions for group members (optional):

What stood out to you about the presentation on this positive word?

Can you relate to anything you heard?

What can you use or apply in your own life with what you heard about this positive vibe word?

Version 2 – Challenge: Share, GUESS and Discuss

Version 2 is more of a challenge and may be better for a more experienced and cohesive group than version one which could work for just about any group.

Version 2 for this activity adds one challenge – The person sharing should not use their word in their presentation. Then, after the presentation allow group members to try to guess the topic based on what they heard. Then proceed with the follow up discussion as in Version 1

Positive Vibe Word Topics


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