Tuesday, December 18, 2018

We are What We Value

We become what we value. When we value something, that thing becomes a priority and our values shift. The following happens with something we value:

We think about it

We learn about it

We spend time on or with it

Addiction is about hijacked values. Thinking and fantasizing about getting high, learning new ways to get high and to get money for substances and spending increasing amounts of time using and obtaining substances can become an increasing priority on one’s personal values list when substance use starts to take over control of decision making.

Fortunately, although it can be very challenging, anyone can re-prioritize their values with time and consistent effort. It doesn’t happen overnight however changing for the better starts with examining our values.

As an exercise to focus on positive values consider the following questions for group discussion:

What is something or someone that I value that I need to increase my focus on today? (It can be anything or anyone positive such as an aspect of, education, family, relationships, career, spirituality, health, etc.)

How can I think about this value more often in my life?

What can I do to learn more about this value?

How can I specifically spend more time focusing on this area of value and importance?

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