Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Think Twice: Even When Advice Seems Nice

Social media has created an explosion of motivational quotes and memes. Some quotes are very helpful and inspiring for sure. Still, most everyone has had the experience of reflecting on a quote on social media which then lead you to then say to yourself: “Really????” 

In reality, not everything that sounds wise and is presented with a nice looking little picture meme is good advice.  It is important to be discerning when it comes to reading quotes by thinking it through and making sure the message is truthful, reasonable, and practical and that it just makes good sense.  Not all that looks and sounds like wisdom is truly wise. 

Consider a few examples:

(Obviously the person who thought that up 
was never married)


Ok cool, then I don’t have to go to work, I don’t have to do the dishes, I don’t have to pay my taxes,
 I don’t have to walk the dog, I don’t have to wait in line,
 I don’t have to pay when I go shopping or out to eat
 or stop for highway tolls, or follow any laws
no more changing dirty diapers either

You get the picture: 
See where that advice leads you in the long run


Once again, sounds good at first but when you really think about it, do we really have that much control that things only get as bad as we “let them” get? What about car accidents, diseases, wars, loss of loved ones, getting laid off from work, etc.…Sometimes things can get pretty bad no matter how hard we try to prevent “letting” these things happen. 

To put this in perspective what kind of reaction would you get if you yelled that saying over the loudspeaker at a refugee camp, or in a cancer unit at a hospital 
or at a homeless shelter after a natural disaster?


Sure, it takes effort to be strong, that makes sense. But when you do the math, it’s actually it’s pretty easy to make yourself miserable: In fact,  it doesn’t take much at all, 
so the effort is clearly not the same


(No explanation needed, that one is just so stupid its funny)


Obviously, not all advice out there is good advice. Discuss the following as a group:

  • How do you know when NOT to trust someone’s advice?

  • What are your sources for practical wisdom and positive guidance that you feel that you can trust?

  • What is one piece of advice that you heard that stuck with you that you trust enough to share with others?

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