Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Breaking Free by Letting Go

It’s not worth it to go back and forth picking lines at the supermarket because most of the time you’ll pick the wrong one anyway

It’s not worth it to get on someone’s case incessantly about something you want them to change because when you think about it how many people really ever respond to nagging?

It’s not worth it to keep on arguing or debating when tempers start flaring because that’s usually when empathy and understanding and even listening pretty much are a lost cause.

It’s not worth it to curse out bad drivers or engage in other forms of road rage because how often does the person you are screaming at really ever drive away learning a lesson anyway?

It’s not worth it to demand or expect that someone who you know is mentally or emotionally sick or unstable to consistently make emotionally healthy decisions – It could be similar to insisting that someone with a broken leg get up and run.

It’s not worth it to expect that people that you care about will never hurt you, disappoint you or let you down, because the truth is that they will, just as you will do the same to them from time to time.

It’s not worth it to get overly angry at kids for being kids because you were a kid once and you did the same kinds of things to your parents and teachers whether you remember it or not

It’s not worth it to allow yourself to be quick to take offense because you will most assuredly find yourself wasting a lot of time feeling annoyed over little things you could have just as easily ignored

It’s not worth it to keep holding onto a grudge because sooner or later you will feel the squeeze of the grudge holding onto you

It’s not worth it to keep on perseverating anxiously on a matter that is beyond your control because the amount of time that you spend ruminating about about an issue usually has no actual effect on the outcome

It’s not worth it to be overly critical because sooner or later people will just tune you out or just avoid your opinion altogether if you have nothing positive to say.

It’s not worth it to allow money to be your primary concern because you may never end up feeling like you have enough anyway

It’s not worth it to give up trying to manage difficult emotions because if not you will allow your difficult emotions to manage you

It’s not worth it to quit the fight against an addiction or any other self-destructive behavior because no one ever regrets breaking free once they get there.