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Positive Self-Statements Coping Collection


Positive Self-Statements Coping Collection

The way we speak to ourselves has a significant impact on the way we cope with emotions and stressors. Positive self-talk involves actively making self-soothing, encouraging statements when we need them, especially when under pressure. For a positive self-statement to be effective, it should meet two qualifications:


1)   We need to believe it – A self-statement may sound nice or make a good social media post but that does not matter. If we do not believe what we are telling ourselves it isn’t going to work


2)   It should not be too complicated. A positive self-statement should be simple but practical and useful


The following exercise will help everyone come up with a collection of positive self-statements for a variety of emotions and situations. As a group discuss each one. If someone has an answer, they should share it. If someone in the group does not have their own positive self-statement, you can use one that you hear from others in the group. This way the group can help each other. If you want this to be useful later, write down your favorite answers. Also, the counselor/group leader may want to use this session to also take note of topics that may be useful for future groups.


Discuss the following by filling in the blank in this statement with each item below:


A positive self-statement that I can use when I feel _______ is…




·       Example: A positive self-statement that I can use when I feel frustrated is… “What I want to happen is not happening right now, but I will still be okay”


Sad or depressed


Anxious or worried


Like using (cravings)


Pain (emotional) or hurt




Stressed or overwhelmed




Ashamed or like I am not good enough


Like quitting or giving up on my goals


Aggressive (Like I want to lash out)


Jealous or insecure


Disappointed or discouraged


Optional: Are there any personal situations in the group that anyone wants to try developing a positive self-statement for? (Two examples are provided below for ideas) – Use the group for feedback if that will help.


·       Example: A positive self-statement that I can use when I feel like calling my ex to get back together is…” Stay strong, they are not worth it”


·       Example: A positive self-statement that I can use when I feel like going to the bar because I am lonely on the weekend is….” I know what happens when I go there, and I have better ways to spend my time and money today”

Spaces below to write down your own positive self-statements from personal situations:



















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