Sunday, May 29, 2022

The Grind Part 9 - Flexing the Negative

Let’s face it for some of us, sometimes being positive is tough. There are times when the best we can do to get started improving our attitude when we are in the grind is to just be a little less negative. It’s important to never give up trying to be positive. Learning to be positive is essential however if we are not there yet, that doesn’t mean we are going to fail. If negativity still creeps up in our head, we can learn to flex with it. 

We are going to call this “Flexing the Negative” based on the idea that if we cannot yet break negative thoughts, perhaps we can bend (or flex) them in a positive direction

In this instance, we take our negative thought, and then use a simple question to flex it in a positive direction, even just a little. We want to provide a small shift toward a positive and attainable goal that isn’t too overwhelming. What a great starting point when smiling and being positive just seems like too much!

Examples of Flexing the Negative

Negative Thought – Flexing the Negative

This sucks – How can I make this suck a little less?

This is too hard – How can I make it just a little easier

This is boring – How can I make it a little more fun and interesting

I feel like crap – How can I feel a little less like crap?

I don’t care – Is there a small piece of this I could start to try to care about even just a little bit?

I can’t take it – What needs to happen for me to endure?


Discussion: Come up with your own negative thoughts and see how you can flex the negative to ask a question in order to bend the negative thoughts into a more positive direction

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