Friday, April 22, 2022

Life's Education: Breaking the Pattern of Repeated Mistakes

 Life's Education

Breaking the pattern of repeated mistakes

INTRO – As a group briefly discuss the above quote as a form of introduction to this topic. Then answer the following two questions:

1.     Why is it so important to learn from our mistakes? (What happens when we do not learn from them?)


2.     How is learning from past mistakes essential to recovery and progress with substance use and mental health issues?


Next, discuss some lessons that members in the group have learned. Provide some true examples of life lessons learned from personal experiences in these areas listed below. Take turns sharing group wisdom by going around the group, allowing group members to speak on this topic. You do not have to go in order, so group members can share on any topic below when it is their turn:  


·        Relationships (Example: “If they start lying when you first meet them then it only gets worse from there)

·        Feelings/Emotions

·        Habits

·        Attitude

·        Work/School

·        Friends

·        Social Situations/Gatherings

·        Communication

·        Health/Exercise

·        Time

·        Money

·        Family

·        Raising Kids

·        Love


Closing Discussion: How to Stop Repeating Mistakes. Discuss the following:

Things that don’t work too well

Vowing and Promising – “I will never ever do it again” These types of promises may feel good but alone are not enough

All or Nothing Thinking – Thinking that you will make one decision and change drastically is nice if you can do it, but most change doesn’t work that way

Things that work

Strategizing and Planning – You’ll get farther with avoiding repeating mistakes by doing what you can to avoid following the same path toward that mistake

Allow for Gradual Change and Minimize Harm Along the Way – Most lasting change happens over time. Give yourself the time you need and if you are struggling make safety a priority

What is one thing from today that you want to change 

and how are you going to do that?



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