Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Funny Questions

The object of this exercise is to process some questions that can bring about amusing responses. With that in mind, please keep it light when possible and refrain from answers that may be offensive, insulting or overly controversial. At the end is some information on the benefits of humor in recovery. Enjoy and have fun

Directions – Take turns picking a category and the counselor will ask a question from that category.

Categories are in bold, with questions below each one


What is something that you said that was embarrassing

What is something that you did that was embarrassing

What is something you’ve seen or witnessed of someone else embarrassing themselves

What is something embarrassing that happened to you but fortunately no one saw

What is something a celebrity has done that you think is cringeworthy

Who do you know of that repeatedly embarrasses their self and what are some things they do?

Is there an embarrassing song, artist or band you like?

Is there an embarrassing movie or TV show you like?

Did you ever have one of those “aha” moments where you now realize that something you used to do you thought was cool but now is embarrassing?

When is the last time you witnessed someone make a fool of themselves?

Were you ever embarrassed by a parent, child or family member (in a funny way that you can laugh about now, not a humiliating or traumatizing way)- If so, tell a story about something they did.

Do you have a story where you or someone else was embarrassed by a bodily function or noise?

Have you ever been in a situation where there was an unexplained bad smell in the room?

Have you ever walked in on someone else’s embarrassing moment or had someone walk in on yours?


Fill in the blanks as directed

I cannot believe that ___________ (Person) ___________ (Action ending in -ed)

If people knew how often I ________ (Verb ending in -ed) then I would be _________ (Feeling)

I sometimes wonder what would happen if someone _________ (Verb past tense) with a ________ (Noun)

My _____ (Body part) looks a lot like a _________ (Noun)

It has been so long since I have ________ (Verb past tense) that my ________ (Body part) is about to _______ (Verb)

One thing I need to stop doing is ______ (Verb) because when I do, I end up _________ (Consequence)

One thing I have in common with _______ (animal(s)) is that we both ______ (Verb)

If you knew how often I ______ (Verb) you would want to by me a __________(Noun)

In the last month I _____ (Verb past tense) _____ (Number) times and it felt _______(Adjective)

If ______ (Famous person) saw me _______ (verb) then they would probably say _________ (Exclamation)

I could probably go _____ (Time Period) without______ (Verb ending in -ing) but there is no way I could ever stop ______ (Verb ending in -ing)

My _____ (Something you own) looks a lot like __________ (Interesting or scary Place)

When I think about ________ (Anything) I just want to say _______ (Exclamation)

If ______ (Verb ending in -ing) was worth money, then I would easily have ____________ (Money amount)

I wonder why they created ______ (Thing) because ______ (Same thing) reminds me a lot of ________ (Other thing you do not like)

A lot of people don’t like _____ (Verb ending in -ing) but to be honest _____ (Same verb ending in -ing) is actually pretty ________ (description)


Crazy Combinations

What would you get if you combined the last two US presidents DNA to make a new person?

What two foods eaten together would make the largest amount of people throw up?

If you could combine the DNA of your last ex and any animal (your choice) what would be the result?

What would be the hardest food to eat while going to the bathroom at the same time?

If you were making a modern-day Frankenstein from celebrities, what combination of body parts would you put together?


For a Price…

What is the least amount of money someone would have to pay you to permanently change your name to Fart Face McStinkums (and you cannot ever use another name, or you lose the money)?

What would someone have to pay you to wear your underwear on your head for a year (and you can’t tell anyone you are being paid or you lose the money)

How much would someone have to pay you to eat a stranger’s toenail?

For a tax free one $300,000 onetime payment, would you allow Google to set it so that whenever someone searches your name the result is a really ugly picture of you with the caption “Warning: This person loves to eat lizard crap”

For 50 million dollars tax free would you accept a head transplant with a moderate sized donkey - (You get to keep your brain, memory and personality but just have a donkey head on your body for life)


Would You Rather

…Wear clown makeup daily for a year or wear enormous clown shoes for 2 years?

…Let 100 people throw handfuls of green Jell-O at you for three hours on television or privately have your face smashed into a bowl of freezing cold pudding for 10 seconds once a week for six months?

…Have a thumb 3 feet long that cannot be amputated or be stuck on a roller coaster without stopping for six months (with appropriate food, water and bathroom breaks to stay alive)

…Take a bath in a tub of platypus vomit for 45 minutes or allow yourself to get your beat down brutally by a huge angry kangaroo on YouTube for 2 full minutes

…Use salami flavored toothpaste or onion flavored mouthwash for life?

PROCESS Some thoughts and questions to discuss

 humor, coping and recovery

Science actually shows that having a healthy amount of laughter in life helps with the following:

·        Stress and tension relief

·        Pain relief and a stronger immune system

·        Improved overall mood

·        An increased sense of overall satisfaction with life


How do you keep a healthy dose of “good” humor in life? (“Good” meaning not the kind that is cruel or hurtful like teasing or humiliating others)


How can a person learn not to take their self too seriously all of the time (Learn to laugh at self)?


There is a time to be serious, but how can you make sure to remember to “laugh off” some things in life?


Having healthy fun, laughter, amusement, and recreation should be part of everyone’s positive change plan. What is something specific in this important area, that you want to make sure is a part of your plan now and in the future?


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