Wednesday, January 12, 2022

"Roll" Play...aka "This May Get Dicey"


“Roll” Play…aka This May Get Dicey – This is a group activity to encourage group cohesion building, open-sharing and discussion. Simply take turns rolling two dice and follow the corresponding directions for each roll

If there are no dice available or if this group is being done via telehealth, then you can use this virtual dice roller. Use the top “Virtual Dice Roller” but set it to 2 dice. -

If after playing the game for more than one turn, a player gets the same roll again, they player should just do something a little different than he or she did the first time that they rolled that number.

Scoring (optional) – Group members get one point for each successfully completed task and a bonus point if the bonus suggestion is completed for that roll as well – If scoring used, select a scorekeeper before starting




SAY ANYTHING – Say anything that you want to the rest of the group to hear (As long as it is not mean, insensitive or offensive) – BONUS If this is done in person while standing up



MEMORABLE - Tell someone something you might remember one day in the future about them or something that they said – BONUS if you pick someone who has a different type of lifestyle than you right now


SHARED LIKE – Tell the group about something that you like and then try to pick one person in the group who you either know or think likes this too – BONUS if you get it right (No drug answers please)



APPRECIATE - Tell someone something you admire or appreciate about them – BONUS if you select someone in the group whom you do not interact with that often



FEELING STATEMENT – Share your feelings by completing this sentence: I feel (Choose feeling word) about or when... (complete the rest) – BONUS if the counselor decides that you gave a heartfelt and meaningful answer about your feelings



SELF SHARE – What is something about you that you have not yet ever shared in this group? (Does not have to be “deep” – Anything goes as long as its new) – BONUS if the group agrees that this is indeed something new you have not shared before



RELATE - Tell someone in the group what you relate to about them – BONUS if you pick someone who tends to be more quiet, shy or reserved in the group



ADVICE - Tell someone something that you feel might be helpful for them – BONUS if the person receiving the advice agrees this was healthy and helpful feedback



LEARN – Find out something new by asking someone in the group about something that you don’t know about them – BONUS if you pick someone from as different of an age group as possible


WHY - Ask someone an interesting why question – BONUS if you let someone else pick who you ask



OPINION – Give your opinion on any topic of your choice – BONUS if you let someone else pick the topic

If using scoring: At the end of the group have the person with most points get a reward that was predetermined by the counselor before the group (For example a treat of some kind if available, get to leave 5 minutes early, get to choose tomorrow’s topic, get to pick a song for the group to listen to and discuss etc. – be creative


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