Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Caption This


Caption This – This is a light-hearted group cohesion/self-expression activity. There are two simple directions to follow for each picture provided:


  • Caption This”As a group review each picture and try to come up with interesting captions for the photo.


  • Make it Therapeutic”After everyone has had their chance to share their ideas for captions, allow people in the group to share if any of the captions have meaning in their own life in any way.

An example is provided here:

Caption This (Example) – “Not all stories have happy endings” 

Make it Therapeutic (Example) – ‘It’s true, I know too many people who did not get this drug issue under control, and it did not end well. As for me, I want a happy ending to all of this, so I am going to do everything I can to stay on the path to recovery”


Moving forward: As a group you can start with this picture if you wish or move to the next one

Continue with this “Caption This” process and follow up, for the pictures that follow – You can spend more time on some pics than others based on group interest and creativity

Caption This:

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