Monday, September 27, 2021

"The Grind" Part 2 - Preparing for "Rough Seas Ahead"


Preparing and planning to cope when things go off-course - Consider some of the following points about successfully navigating the grind of life and discuss the questions provided:

Prepare for the unfair – Life is going to hand you unfair and unjust situations, scenarios, etc – What can you do to make yourself ready to bounce back

Retake the mistakes – In spite of your best efforts, you will mess up and disappoint yourself and others on occasion. It happens to the best of us – What is your plan to keep moving forward in spite of mistakes

Push past the disasters – Sometimes one thing that can feel worse than mistakes is bad things happen, especially when it seems like there is no good reason why  – Are you ready to be able to adjust your approach to changing and unexpected circumstances?

From comfort zone into awkwardness  - You will be thrust into difficult and at times awkward situations in life where you either have to stand your ground, speak up or come up with another plan to survive and thrive What can you do to prepare and then cope?

People skills - Even good people whom you love and trust will at times disappointment you and at other times act like they don’t understand you. Are you ready to deal with that and move past it? If so, how?

Discouragement – Sometimes for good reason and at other times for what may seem like no reason at all, yo may feel discouraged and even feel like you may want to quit. How do you plan to conquer discouragement?

My survival statement - What can be your saying of survival during the mistakes and tough times?

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