Monday, April 26, 2021

Shift to a Positive Focus


Shift to a Positive Focus 

Self-reflective discussion questions to help group get into positive mindset

What is good about you?

What can you say with pride?

What have you overcome to get here?

What is one good choice you have made?

Why are your worth recovery?

What’s good about life for you these days?

What is one way that you have safe, good clean fun?

What is something funny you’ve heard or seen recently?

What is one good thing that makes you smile?

What is a positive life lesson you have learned?

What is a memory of something kind or encouraging someone said to you?

What is one thing that is helping you today?

Who or what is something you love?

Where is your happy place?

What is something beautiful in your viewpoint? (other than in a sexual way)

What is something that makes you feel young (even if it’s just for a little while)

What is an area of life where you feel strong and confident?

What was a "win" for you in your life?

What was an experience you had where everything worked out just right?

What is one life area that you feel good about today because you were able to improve?

What is something positive that you have gained from your past struggles?

What is something negative, destructive or hurtful that you were able to get rid of in your life?

What is one small thing that can make your day better?

What’s something that brings you joy in life?

What has someone done for you that was thoughtful or helpful in your journey?

What is a positive milestone that you either achieved or are about to reach?

What gives you hope?

What helps you believe that you can succeed?

Who or what is like an anchor for you that you can hold onto when the seas of life get stormy?

“Every day may not be good... but there’s something good in every day.”Alice Morse Earle

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