Thursday, February 11, 2021

Goodbye Group

Goodbye Group - Often in group programs people eventually have to leave the group due to completing the program or some other reason. This worksheet provides structured activities for the group to honor the person who is leaving on their last day in group.


Part 1 – Opening Interview: These questions are an interview for the person who is leaving, to get this group started. There will be time at the end to do a farewell speech and say goodbyes so hold off on that for now as this is just an opening interview to get started. Interview the person leaving with these questions:


1.    About how long have you been in this group?


2.    What are some things that you have accomplished in your life during the time you were in this group?


3.    What do you hope to do next with your life? Where do you see yourself one day?



Part 2 - Sharing the Memories: This is the group’s opportunity to review some of the memories shared and experienced during the time that the person leaving was in this group. Not everyone has to share but all are encouraged to try to do the best they can for as many memories as possible. The more people share, the more enjoyable and rewarding this activity can be. Remember that there is something to be learned from every person and every experience


1.    Unique or FunnyDoes anyone in the group have any memories that fit this category from the time when this person was in group? If you can’t think about something funny that’s OK, then instead think about and try to share about something unique about this person who is leaving


v  Does the person leaving have any funny or unique memories from group? (Think of something that you likely won’t forget from your time here)


2.    Wisdom and ExperienceDoes the group have any memories to share of things that they learned during the time this person was in group, either directly or indirectly from this person?


v  For the person leaving: What have you learned from being in this group while you were here?



Part 3 - Expressing Goodbyes: This is the group’s chance to share some goodbye thoughts, hopes and wishes followed by the person leaving having the chance to say goodbye. *Group goes first, then close out with the person leaving getting their chance to say goodbye


1.    Words of Wisdom or Encouragement – What parting words of wisdom or advice do group members have for the person leaving?


2.    Words of Gratitude – Is there anything you appreciate about the person who is leaving?


3.    Words of Hope – What do you hope for the person leaving? (Goodbye well wishes)


*First the group should give these goodbyes to the person leaving while person leaving listens. Then when the group has all had time to go through all three (Wisdom, Gratitude, Hope), the person leaving can say their goodbyes, sharing either a specific goodbye to each other group member or one overview goodbye speech to the entire group as a whole


If there is a certificate, coin or other award of some kind, the group leader should give it to the person at this time to close out the group (if applicable)

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