Thursday, January 14, 2021

Fill in the Blanks Discussion Generator


Fill in the Blanks Discussion Generator – This activity is easy and can be done in person or through telehealth. It is good for both adolescents and adults and for people with any type of presenting problem as the directions are clear and simple: Just take turns reading out loud each of the “fill in the blank” discussion points and let group members give their answers. It is up to the group to see where these discussions go by asking follow-up questions and sharing support and feedback. This is better done as a discussion than as a worksheet - Remember there are no right or wrong answers and this is not a contest to see who can be the cleverest – Just say what is on your mind:


Random Conversation Starters

Before I _______ I definitely have to _________

I am not going to ________ without my _________

When I look at ________ I can’t help but seeing ____________

If I was getting paid to ____________ I would have over a million dollars by now

If I could just figure out __________ then I would  ___________

I think I could get into ________ if it wasn’t so ___________

People sometimes think I’m ___________ but I am actually ___________

If _________ was here right now I would probably _____________

If I could just have ____________ then I would make sure to _____________

The key to understanding ___________ is that you need to _____________

I can ______________ better than most people

If you want to learn the right way to ____________ then you should ____________

Sometimes when people _________ I really want to _________ but I usually just __________

One good thing about my life is ___________ even though sometimes I have to ________


_______ can make me cry

______ makes me laugh

I am happiest when I am __________

One sure way to make me angry is to ____________

I try never to ______ because later I will feel guilty about it

I need ________ in my life in order to feel like I am at peace

When I  am able to ___________ I feel proud of myself

I can feel confused by ____________

I get upset when people _______ but I don’t care much when they __________

One thing that gives me anxiety is ___________ but one thing that helps is ______

If you want to see me stressed out, then make sure to _____________

Thoughts and Opinions

___________ is okay, but ___________ is better if you ask me

The main difference between a friend and an acquaintance is ______

________ is the best part of ____________

I like _________ except that I could do without the ___________

I will choose _____ over _____ just about every time

I like __________ even if some people say _____________

I think that ____________ is one of the best  _________________

Even though some people think _______ is important, I just don’t care very much about _________

I can handle _________ but I sometimes I have a hard time with __________

I often want _________ but I really need _____________

One of the most important things in my life is _______ and I would like to rid my life of ________

I’d rather ________ for a month than have to __________ for one day

I don’t trust it when people say ___________ because I know that people ______________

I appreciate it when people _______ but I often say “no thanks” to ___________

I like thinking about _________ but I would rather forget ________

I love to go __________ but you won’t find me anywhere near ________

I have pretty good self-control when it comes to ________ but I have to watch myself around _____

________ sets a fire under me (gets me motivated) but _______ slows me down

When people think of me, I would like ____to come to mind but I would never want to be associated with ____


Deep thoughts

Love is _________

Strength is _______

Recovery is _________

Family is _________

Faith is _______

Hope is _______

Forgiveness is ______

Serenity is ________

Success is _______



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