Thursday, November 12, 2020

Positive Qualities, Behaviors, Attitudes, Skills and Other Aspects of a Successful and Meaningful Life

Words matter. When words dictate actions attitudes and actions then words matter even more so. Every day in life it is so important to stay engaged in the process of active self awareness. It is critical to our growth as a person to regularly ask ourselves "Who am I?"  and "What qualities, behaviors, attitudes and other attributes help define who I am today." If we stop asking those types of searching and insight-oriented questions, we can easily forget who we are and fall into a pattern of denial and disbelief; and possibly even a state of hypocrisy over the course of time, if we are not careful. 

Looking a words that define traits, characteristics, behaviors and skills that make us better can serve as a form of checklist for self-inspection. As we strive for success and growth, examining the words that define who we want to be can be a daily exercise in insight and motivation building for positive change. This can be especially true for anyone working to successfully manage a substance use or mental health disorder.

Below is a list of words and phrases that define some of these positive concepts for self-assessment and inspiration. As a group review this list and honestly try to answer the closing questions for reflection. 













Knowing your Triggers




Avoiding Drama


Staying Safe


Coping Strategies


Decision Making Skills


Self- Care


Maintaining Healthy Boundaries


Paying Bills (Fiscal Responsibility)


Living a Law-abiding Lifestyle


Stable Housing


Positive Hobbies


Maintaining Responsibility


Meaningful Life


Sense of Belonging and Connection with Others


Sense of Purpose


Having a Good Conscience


Love and Respect (For self and for others)


What are some of your strengths based on this list and how did you get to where you are currently with this?


What areas are you currently working on in your life? – What else do you still need to work on for the future?


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