Sunday, June 14, 2020

Declare, Disclose, Display

Declare – Disclose – Display

This activity can work well over telehealth but can also be done in person. The rules are simple: Each person should take a turn and on their turn, they can choose one of the following:

Declare: v. say something in a solemn and emphatic manner. In other words, tell us how you really feel

Disclose: v. to make new information known, reveal. In other words, tell everyone the truth

Display: v. to exhibit or make visible. In other words, show us

The counselors running this group are encouraged to come up with their own ideas but below are some suggestions that you can use after the client chooses Declare, Disclose or Display:

How do you really feel right now about where you are in life?

Tell us about something that makes you happy even if it may not seem to be that important
What is one thing that makes you-you?
How do you feel about feelings?
What is something that you believe in strongly, even if you don’t always tell everyone
If you were in charge what is one thing that you would make a priority?
What is one thing that you feel is an injustice in the world that you wish you could change?
Tell us about someone or something that you truly love and why
What is a source of hope for you?
What is something unbelievable that happened in your life?
Beside the obvious materialistic or pleasurable things you may do, if you had a billion dollars what is one meaningful thing you would do?
What is one positive thing that someone has done for you that you will never forget?
What is something you have done that took courage?
What is something about you that shows you have inner strength or the ability to keep going without giving up?
Who or what do you feel a lot of compassion for and why?

When is one of the last times you can remember making a fool out of yourself?
Have you lied or hid something in this program, if yes tell us about one time
Tell us about a time when you disagreed with your counselor or someone in this group, but they ended up being right
What is a fear you have that you may at times try to hide?
What is something that you sometimes feel insecure about?
Fill in the blanks: If ____ knew about _____ then I would be _____
What is one thing that you sometimes think about more than you should
What is something that your family doesn’t know about you?
What is something strange or unusual about you?
How long ago was the last time you thought about running from your problems and what kept you from going?
Tell us about the last time you cried or got choked up emotionally
What is something embarrassing or that you may not be proud of that makes you laugh?
Is there a song or movie that many people hate or make fun of, but you love?
If you were an onion and someone peeled all the layers, what’s inside?
Fill in the blank: My least favorite thing about ____ is ______


Show us a tattoo, birthmark or scar and tell us about it (Appropriate places only, no private parts please)
Do an impersonation of anyone that the group may know (Please do not be mean or insulting)
Try to rap or speak in poetry about a topic for the group and then explain what you meant
Show the group something that you have in your pockets or in your wallet and explain what it means to you
Show the group something in your phone and tell what it meant to you
Do some chair dance moves for 20 seconds (See if someone in group will make a beat)
Show the group one of your best strange faces
Keeping it appropriate what is a unique body part that you can show
Sing (or if you can’t at least recite) a few bars of one of your favorite songs
Grab something within reach and try to sell it like a commercial
While the rest of the group is silent, see if you can make weird noises by yourself for 20 second while everyone listens
Act something out (charades-style) and see if everyone can guess it
See how long you can stare forward without blinking
Fake laugh for 20 seconds and see if it turns real
Sing, or at least recite a show’s theme song that you memorized

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