Sunday, May 17, 2020

Return to Normalcy

This paper is for group therapy especially made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, however it is useful for other life situations as well. This is probably being released prematurely as any real semblance of a  "return to normalcy" looks like it is still unfortunately still a way off in many areas. Still, hopefully this can be a tool when the time is right

Keep in mind: The idea of what is “normal” is difficult if not impossible to define and it often changes as quite often there may be a “new normal”. For the purpose of this exercise, we are referring to situations when there is a serious change, and then things go back toward the way they were, even if a true sense of things being “normal” or the same again is not possible.

Situations that would be examples of a “return to normalcy”:

Return from quarantine/social isolation as in the COVID-19 pandemic

Return from incarceration or rehab

Coming back from being sick or recovering from a medical procedure for an extended period

Questions for thought and discussion:

What happened? What has been your experience with this “return to normalcy” situation for you?

What is different about you now...



Spiritually (Your beliefs, how you view the world, the future, your place and purpose in the world, etc.)

What will you take with you from the experience? (Things learned, new viewpoints, new attitude, etc.) – Consider some of the following life areas and if you have learned or gained anything in these areas:





Positive Qualities – Review this list and discuss if you have changed or grown with any of these:
  • Endurance
  • Persistence
  • Patience
  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Courage
  • Gratitude
  • Other?

What do you still need right now? Consider what you still may need in the following life areas:

Family related
Other needs?

PLAN – After reviewing all of these areas – What is the plan for the return to normalcy in the following areas:

Immediate plan- What are you going to start working on right away to adjust?

Short term plan – What are you going to focus on for the next month or two?

Longer term plan – Where do you see yourself when things are back to “normal” for you (When you are back to where you want and need to be, or at least closer to it if that is not possible)

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