Monday, December 16, 2019

A Sudden and Tragic Loss...

Please take a moment to review this incredibly sad story. Missy Hamilton was a counselor and Taking the Escalator follower who was brutally murdered while at work at Crossroads Counseling in Madison, Tennessee on December 3, 2019. 

Below is a quote directly from Missy which shows what kind of person she was:

Melissa "Missy" Hamilton - October 1, 2019

"11 years ago, I surrendered, pleaded for God to relieve me of my addiction or let me die because death looked better than living in the darkness of my demise. I entered a women’s transitional recovery living and they asked me at 90 days clean to write out a one year goal, 5 year and ten year. After reflecting back a few weeks ago on what I wrote for those goals, I was overwhelmed with emotions to see how far God had brought me. At ten years I just wanted to be clean and sober, reunited w my family and not waiting tables for a career. God gave me those back in the first year with the exception of the job. At two years I went back to school to get my bachelors degree in psychology with a minor in substance abuse counseling. I wanted to help others with drug and alcohol issues.11 years ago today, God delivered me and in 11 days I will finish a year long internship at Cumberland Heights inpatient treatment and finish my Master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. What I asked for was so very small in comparison to what he gave me. So this is to all those suffering/ we can’t but God can !"

Click here to view Missy Hamilton's Fundraiser page 

Click here to read the latest news article on this horrific crime which took Missy's life

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  1. No words. I'll be praying for her family, friends and loved ones.

  2. Thank you for remembering Missy. It was a great shock and loss to the counseling community here in Nashville and middle TN. It has reminded all of us how fragile life is and how quickly it can be taken away. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and those who are hurting over her loss, including the clients she worked with.

  3. Very kind of you all to remember her here. I did not know her but I am an LCDC and work in the Field. A huge loss. Prayers for her family and clients.

  4. Missy was one of my dearest friends and we worked together at Crossroads Counseling. She is looking down in awe of the multitude of people who loved her. I think she'd be very emotional, surprised, and greatly moved to know how much she was loved, how much her clients truly loved her and benefited from her passion as a helper, and how the emptiness of her wake has left all of us who shared daily life with her not knowing how to cope now that we can no longer connect in the physical world. I will never forget this angel. Thank you for sharing Missy's story. We love and utilized this site so often for our clients. Each time I do so, I will celebrate the life of my sweet friend. Fly high Missy.

  5. I am so sorry for your loss. Everyone I have communicated with has expressed what a wonderful person Missy was. Thank you for your support