Sunday, October 27, 2019


Positive Qualities Need for Positive Perspective Change

Keep in mind that changing your perspective in life is a huge part of growing as a person. Imagine if you still had the same perspective in life that you did 5 or 10 years ago.- As you have gained experience and matured as a person, surely your perspective has changed – hopefully for the better

Positive Qualities for Perspective Change - Self-Assessment: 

ü  Open Mindedness
ü  Positive Associations
ü  Humility
ü  Empathy
ü  Self-Awareness

Directions: Try to be honest with yourself and check any item below that you need to work on:

Open MindednessTo be able to successfully change your perspective, you need to have an open mind

___I am willing to admit when I am wrong
___I am open to discussing the possibility that I may need to change without getting defensive
___I am willing to consider viewpoints different than my own

Positive Associations – Negative people can influence you to have a negative view on life whereas positive people can do the opposite

___I am actively working on cutting off association with people who have a lot of negative ideas and negative influence in my life
___I have positive role models and supports in my life who can provide positive viewpoints
___I try to fill my head with positive viewpoints by avoiding negative media (internet, TV, music, etc.)

HumilityIt is important to be “teachable” and learn from others

___I can be quiet and listen when I need too without arguing or trying to convince others why they are wrong about me
___I consider the reality that I am wrong sometimes and then try to get feedback from others when needed
___I can accept criticism without anger

Empathy You can learn a lot by putting yourself in other people’s shoes

___Even when I don’t agree with someone I try to understand where they are coming from
___Before I make a decision, I stop to think about how that decision may impact others
___I seek first to understand other people’s views rather than always seeking first to make sure that they understand mine

Self-Awareness – You can grow by being honest with yourself about what you need to work on

___When making difficult decisions instead of being impulsive or taking unneeded risks, I have the awareness to stop myself first and think things through
___I can accept uncomfortable information about myself without trying to make excuses
___I try to apply new information to my own life rather than just thinking that it doesn’t mean anything to me

What are you going to try to take away from this exercise?

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