Monday, September 23, 2019

Making the Most Out of Substance Use Treatment

Directions – This is a Kahoot exercise using the Kahoot online website. If you are a counselor or group leader using Kahoot for the first time, it is a good idea to run through the activity first yourself. What is needed to do a Kahoot exercise is:

1. A computer with internet, preferably connected to a large screen with a TV or Monitor so the group can see the screen and participate in the exercise

2. Group members need phones with internet connection. If a few group members do not have smart phones or internet, then you can still have them do the Kahoot activity separately on paper but they just won’t be part of the online scoring. (In actuality, the score for this activity is meaningless anyway as the competitive aspect of the Kahoot exercise is just a way to engage participants but it doesn’t matter for the overall effectiveness of this group activity) Another way to do this if you are lacking enough phones with internet is to make teams and have pairs of group members each share a phone if the group is willing to cooperate with that

3. The counselor or group leader controls the flow of the Kahoot exercise using the computer that has been selected by clicking “start” and “next “when prompted

There is a short Kahoot Warm Up exercise – You can do this first with the group to give the group a chance to practice using Kahoot– (Click here) It may be fun and helpful to do the warm up first

Once you are prepared:

The main Kahoot exercise, “Making the Most Out of Substance Use Treatment” has 25 questions mostly focused on important aspects and qualities for effective substance use group therapy. Click the link to go to the online Kahoot exercise 

When you have completed the main Kahoot, “Making the Most Out of Substance Use Treatment” exercise as a group, then discuss the information from the exercise which is explained in further detail by clicking the following link

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