Sunday, June 23, 2019

Confident or Cocky - It Matters

Confident or Cocky – It Matters

Opening Exercise: “Famous Last Words” – It is great to be self-confident, but overconfidence can be a problem that can later lead to a downfall. As a group, review the following sayings and see if anyone can come up with an example (real or imagined) of how someone may say the following statements in a well- meaning manner, but then it can have a less than desirable outcome especially when someone has a cocky attitude. An example is provided to get you started:

“I got this” – Example – “Once when I was a kid we ordered a bunch of food at a takeout restaurant and it was ready to be picked up from the counter. Being cocky, I told everyone “I got this” and stated I could carry everything back myself, in spite of being only 10 years old. I proceeded to drop two trays of food all over the floor of the restaurant because it was way too much for me to handle on my own”

Pick from this list or come up with your own:

“I got this”

“I know what I need to do now”

“I’m the best at this”

“No problem, I don’t need any help”

“I’ll never get caught”

“I don’t need to listen to that…”
“This is no problem for me”

“I can do this any time I want to, easy”

“I don’t need any advice”

“I am too good, there is no way I can fail”

“He/she will never get rid of me”

“Sure, I’ll just have one…”

 Process as a group when done:

Ø  What is wrong with being overconfident or cocky?

Ø  Why don’t some people learn from their mistakes when it comes to being overconfident or cocky?

“Talk is cheap but still there are no refunds. You cannot save the receipt and get your money back because once you are done running your mouth, you still have to pay the bill.”

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