Saturday, May 19, 2018

Accountability: Are You Meeting the Challenge?

Accountability and You: Are You Meeting the Challenge?

What exactly does it mean to be accountable?

Accountable: adj. – The obligation of an individual to account for his/her activities, accept responsibility for them and to disclose the results in a transparent manner – ( 

In simple terms, being accountable involves:

> Accepting responsibility for your actions

> Being answerable for the outcomes

> Taking ownership of your mistakes

Being accountable usually doesn’t come easy for anyone and it takes practice. However, learning to be accountable is highly beneficial and with time anyone can improve. Consider the following:

Accountability is closely linked with enhancing the following positive life benefits:

Successful relationships
Achievement of goals

To put it in perspective, think of the kind of person who you would want as a leader – Wouldn’t you want that person to be accountable for his or her actions? If you were assembling a team of some kind, wouldn’t you desire the members of that team to all be accountable? Accountability leads to success

Avoiding accountability by making excuses, blaming, lying, etc. is taking the short term easy way out when a problem arises. Facing your problems, mistakes, and challenges by being accountable is a path toward long term success.

Opening thoughts for self-examination: Which way do you lean when it comes to accountability?

> Point fingers or provide answers?
> Work hard or whine?
> Accept or accuse?
> Face the facts or flee?
> Confront challenges or criticize?

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