Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Upside Smack

Depending upon how old you are, there most likely was a time when life smacked you in the face as if to say “Wake up stupid!” Sometimes it takes something that seems negative at the time to serve as a wakeup call to get back on track. Sometimes it can be a near miss, like almost getting arrested, hurt or even killed. Sometimes life can smack someone who is stubborn several times around before they even decide to listen. Therein lies the key question, when life smacks you to wake you up, are you going to be ready to wake up and listen? 

Consider the following questions for discussion and think about the upside of life smacking you upside the head as a wakeup call:

Share about a time in life when you finally had a wakeup call and decided to change. (Did life have to smack you more than once for you to finally listen?)

Statistically speaking, there are many situations in life in which if someone plays the odds and refuses to change, eventually things will catch up and there won’t be a happy ending. There may be exceptions to the rule but realistically speaking, discuss the most common ending in the following situations:

Cheating in relationships

Living a criminally oriented lifestyle

Abusing alcohol and drugs

Are there any other situations that the group can think of which most often do not have happy endings unless there is a change?

Sometimes learning from others can be a way to smack yourself to wake up and change before something bad happens to you. Be honest, what is one life situation (even if it is just a small one) that you need to readjust before something you regret might happen?

As always, to end on a positive note about taking some action, what is one thing that you can start doing now to change your course, even if just a little but toward a more positive direction?

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