Thursday, February 9, 2017

Head-Checking Your Road to Reality

Nowadays most people have a GPS in their car or on their phone. Those of us who have become accustomed to using tour GPS when we are out on the road will often check with it when something doesn’t seem right on our way to our destination. There are those moments when you are mostly sure that you are traveling in the right direction, but still you might check the GPS to make absolutely sure that you are not lost

In line with this GPS metaphor, we are all on some kind of road in our lives and most of us have a destination in mind with regard to where we want to end up one day. Even when you feel like you are on the road where you want to go, do you make absolutely sure you really aren’t lost? Sometimes it is important to check our “reality GPS” by making sure that we really are traveling in the direction that we really want to go and that we are on the right road to get there.
For example, consider Kyle, a teenager who believes the road he is on is to one day be the next big rapper earning fame and fortune. Meanwhile Kyle may believe he is on this road to hip hop fame because he likes to hang out with his friends smoking weed, listening to music and rap battling. However if Kyle were to “check the reality GPS” and really find out what the road to rap fame is like he would learn that in reality, those infinitely small number of individuals who really succeed in the rap game view it as a full time job, committing large amounts of time to working on their craft and doing all of the tireless hours recording, editing, performing and promoting in hope that their popularity will grow. The only thing Kyle may have in common with the rappers he idolizes is the smoking weed part, but otherwise, if he checked his reality GPS he would learn that he probably is on the road to unemployment if he doesn’t develop a reasonable back up plan.

It is great to have hopes, goals and dreams which make life exciting. Still, it is just as important to do an occasional “Reality GPS” check just to verify that you are really traveling on the right road to where you really need to be one day. You don’t want to travel the road aimlessly only to one day find out you waited too long and then you’re lost

For Discussion:

Do you know what “road” you are traveling on in life right now in the sense that you are relatively sure where you want to end up one day? If so, where do you see yourself?

What makes you sure that you are doing what is needed to stay on the road that you desire for your life? In other words what are you doing specifically to make the progress that you need? (Think about your educational goals, employment goals, self-improvement goals, etc.)

Being honest with yourself, what might you need to improve on or start doing more of in order to really stay focused on the road that you want to travel in life so that you make it to your destination?

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